Jay Wise on Bread over Here Mixtape

Jay Wise // Dj Kingpin

2009 Nike sb Preview



Jay Wise ( making of " My Spaceship " )

Fresh album is gonna be crazzy

This only happens to us lol

I never realllly write blogs but this i had to do.
The CORP CARTEL ( Jay Wise , Chaos and Da Kid Montana ) had a show somewhere in the Bronx about 2 or 3 weeks ago . When we got there they told us " hey you guys are late so you have to wait to go on " so cooooooool i don't mind i actually like watching other artist ( stroke my ego ) so right before we go on they tell every1 they have a surprise andddddddddddddddddddddddd they bring out a coffin yesssssss a COFFIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!! and then we went on and preformed with a coffin ......... yeaaa Weirddddddddd
Shout out to AV aswell she was there

Jay Wise ( making of " Heyy Weezy " )

Jay Wise in the studio is FRESH