Nike Dunk High SB “Glen Quagmire”

Sneakerheads - The Art of Sneaker Collecting

Sneakerheads -- The Art of Sneaker Collecting from Edmond Stevens on Vimeo.

Tapemasters Inc TV : Sneakers of the week 1

Rhymefest Diss Charles Hamilton - Supersonic

Wow Rymefest went in

DC shoes x Lemar & Dauley Admiral

I'm a very big fan of Lemar and Dauley but im not sure how i feel about these i have to see them in person

Wale x The Glitch Mob

Jadakiss - Letter To B.I.G video

Dirty Jax fall line

Make sure you go to stay fresh

Charles Hamilton vs Serius Jones

Who won ? well this is a very good FREESTYLE battle

Tink Tink - Kat Williams

Katt Williams Cartoon - "Tink Tink"

Shout out to Lyrican for the link

Mickey Factz - Rhymes and Reasons behind the scenes

Rhymes and Reasons - Behind The Scenes from GFCnewyork on Vimeo.

Wale and Colin Munroe in studio

Kid Cudi Live in San Diego

Martin Louie The King Jr. Kicks

Just in case u missed it

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Making The Band Sneek Peek

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Notorious Movie Actors adresses Lil Kim Comments

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SlaughterHouse - SOB;s Full Concert

B.o.B - Lonely People

B.o.B---Lonely People

Dot Da Genius in the studio with Kid Cudi

01.22.09 Dot Da Genius In The Studio w/ Kid Cudi from Franz on Vimeo.

Martin Louie The King Jr.

I still want to know whats good with his hair but this is kinda funny

A message from kwest on Vimeo.

What Exactly Is N*E*R*D Anyways?

Gfc - The Black Apple Live

GFC presents The Black Apple feat. Mickey Factz,Curt@!ns and Theophilus London from Music Addicts Only on Vimeo.

Kanye West 's Louis Vuitton sneaker debut

Whats up with Kanye's hair ?

B.O.B pulling strings

SlaughterHouse - Onslaught live

Free Your Mind - Young Tana , Jay Wise and Chaos

Story behind Free Your Mind - Young Tana loves the production coming from Hi - Fly sooo he had this track and made a 3 verse song to it called " We're gonna make it " but since we were going crazzy trying to get the hottest beats and hottest songs for this street album he gave up the track to the team now his verse is about some 1 from around our way that he was close to , Jay Wise's verse if you hear it mocks Young Tana's verse useing the same flow and same words that rhyme but not the same words if that makes any sense it's hard to do and speaks about some 1 that was from around the way that pasted that hhe was close to , Chaos's verse is about his life and grandmother that pasted away he got very deep and showed how we call can rap about anything Enjoy !!!!!!

Young Tana's Pick Free Your Mind

Jay Z History Live

Mickey Factz , Curt@!n$ and Theophilus London - CDR freestyle

So Special - Jay Wise , Young Tana and Chaos

Ok I am gonna hit ya off with new Corp Cartel and new Jay Wise tracks everyday !!!!!! till the video drops Foolish things video release party is gonna be crazzzzzzzzzzzzzy!!!!!!!! trust me well worth the wait BY THE WAY THIS IS MY FAV track on the street album
Story behind the song - Ok so this song was a Jay Wise track 1st but since we were working on the Corp Cartel Street album and we were scraping to find hott beats i gave it up for the team, Now at this point Chaos wanted to do the track and we wanted Apollo aka Roc ( that was signed to So So Def ) to get on our album cause dude is nice so he was down THEN Young Tana Heard it and wrote to it soooooooooo he took Roc's spot and I dont know if this is true or he was " G ing " is up but he said he got very emotional so we let him get on it lol lol

JAY Z My President Is Black

Wow !!! Congrats Mr. President

Yessss We Can !!!!

Jay-Z - Brooklyn (Go Hard) Live

Lupe Fiasco - Sunshine Live

Joe Budden -Pain of his heart ( Saigon diss part 2 )

Damnnn again ?

Nike Dunk Hi SB / Red and Gren Denim

These are hotttt no release date yet

Kid Cudi DJ Semtex interview

KiD CuDi & Ryan Leslie in the Studio

Ryan Leslie x Kid Cudi @ studio from Vernonmac on Vimeo.

LMFAO - I’m In Miami Bitch

Young Jeezy - My President Is Black f. Nas

Congrats !!!!!!!

Barack Obama / Spiderman comic book

This is pretty cool ... no other pres would get love like this hope he does well

Jadakiss talks about not being in NOTORIOUS movie

Joe Budden diss Saigon ?

I try to not blog beef cause i think it's wack but damnnnnnnnnnn Joe Budden went in!!!!!!

Puff Daddy f/ Notorious BIG and Busta

Notorious the movie will be out this friday

Foolish Things video is coming soon

And the winner is ......


How to be cool when your lost - Corp Cartel

Foolish Things Video is on the way

Mickey Factz - Live from the black apple

CurT@!n$ - The Dope Supremacy

Mickey Factz and Smoke Dza on Goodfella radio

Fashawn's Boy Meets World Epk

Young Tana x Black Flag x Gifted Elite

How to be cool when you get the MUNCHIES Corp Cartel

Young Money on tour with Lil Wanye

kon the louie vuitton don shoe

Nike air Foamposite " Eggplant " 3d video

The Gem and I - Myspace / Facebook

Maino - Letter to Pac

Asher Roth - I love College on Carson Daily Show

AZ Undeniable official explicit video

I love This song

Theophilus London - Gray x Sage / Cold Pillow

Joe Budden - Nyc gossip girl interview

The Wild Cowboys documentary

Mickey Factz on goodfella radio

Grafh - What Goes Around

Grafh - What Goes Around (prod. by Freeze) from ListenClose Music Group on Vimeo.

Colin Munroe feat. Joell Ortiz - Piano Lessons

Exile on Vimby teaser Video

VIMBY - Teaser: Exile

In studio with Grand Hustle

Jay Wise , Chaos , Tana and P star Freestyle

XLarge Spring 2009 Collection

Mtv's Mcs To watch in 2009

Guess they missed me but im gonna post my own soon

Joe Budden vs Dj Vlad

Big Sean talks about how he got signed

Cory Guns and Mickey Factz Freestyle

Glc the lost tapes

Apple MacBook Wheel

Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard

D.O.E. feat. Joell Ortiz & Akua Taylor - Watchin Me

Skillz - The Wire warp up

Notorious - Lil Kim vs Faith

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Sharon Osborne Vs Megan on vh1

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Mickey Factz - Thinking Out Loud

Nike Hair / Air Jordan Commercial

Nike Live Together , Play Together

Karl Malone , Hakeem , and Joe Montana LA Gear

LL Cool J live @ the Grammy's

B.O.B and T.I in studio

Kanye West Making a Louis Vuitton Sneaker ?

Homeboy Sandman - Lightning Bolt Lightning Rod

You tell me what you think

Biggie Smalls is the Illest

Crooks and Castles - Your uncle's fav brand

Super Friends in studio

In The Studio Recording the "Superfriends" track from 6th Sense on Vimeo.

Dave Chappelle - " Rush him !!! he can't cum on all of us "

Gatorade - What's " G " with Lil Wanye

T Pain feat. Chris Brown - Freeze

Jim Jones talks about war stories

Theophilus London in studio

Eminem - Crack a bottle

Happy New Year !!! - Skillz - Rap up 2008


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